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Anton and Maria Benrud

Anton and Maria Benrud


Anton Pederson was born at Benerud in Eidvoll, Norway, son of Peder Pettersen and Anne Soffie Jonsdatter.  He was baptized and confirmed in the Eidsvoll Church, and attended realskole at Eidsvoll.  In 1871 he and Carl Olson (Maren’s fiance) took six weeks to come to New York and then came by train to Sparta, WI.  At Chicago they pawned their trunks in order to buy tickets to Sparta, WI; before they could redeem them, they were destroyed in the Chicago fire.  Anton worked on farms in Upper Bostwick Valley , where he met Maria Dokken (1855-1903), who had come from Valdres, Norway.  They were married in 1875 and moved to the Cleavedahlen area (Mt. Pisgah P.O.).  Peder and Soffie came and lived with Anton the rest of their lives.

Anton and Maria Benrud had 13 children: Peder Adolph (1876-1957); Carl Johan (1877-1951); Anna (1880-1959); Ella, Mrs. Cyrus Johnson (1879-1939); Ludvig (1883/4 – 1883/4); Ludvig (1885/6- 1885/6); Christian (1887-1953); Albertina (1889-89); Martin (1891-1970); Elmer (1893-1996); Henry (1895-1991); Theodore (1897-97); and Elvina (1899-9).

In 1895 Anton married Julia Anderson (1867-1948).  Anton and Julia Benrud had two children: Philip (1905-82); and Leda, Mrs. Arthur Wendler (1907- ).

Burial Locations

Philip Benrud is buried at Country Coon Prairie Cemetery near Westby, WI.

Leda and Arthur Wendler’s ashes are scattered.